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Surprise party

'In 2018 I immediately thought I want to organize a party here, 1 year later I had my unforgettable surprise party at the Boompjes’

Steven Oemar and Merida Oemar-Rotsburg, a couple from Barendrecht, tells about their unforgettable surprise party at events venue Boompjes. How they experienced everything as an organizer and as the one who got surprised by the party.
Steven and Merida are always in for a party. In 2018 they were guests at the Boompjes for the wedding of friends. Since then, the location has remained in thought to ever organize something. Now that his wife Merida's birthday was coming, Steven decided to organize a surprise party for her in early 2019.
‘Samen met mijn familie en vrienden zijn we aan de slag gegaan met het organiseren van het verjaardagsfeest. We begonnen eerst met 6 á 7 locaties in Rotterdam, waarvan evenementenlocatie Boompjes daar één van was.
'Together with my family and friends we started organizing the birthday party. We first started with 6 or 7 locations in Rotterdam, of which event location Boompjes was one of them. After making my first contact with Elvera (Location Manager), we had visit the location pretty quickly. In conjunction with the atmosphere and service I had a good 'second' impression of the location and I almost certainly knew i wanted to organize the party for Merida at the Boompjes.
During the preparations of the party, Steven indicates that he experienced the communication and the online planner system as pleasant. 'At first I had to dive into the online system, but afterwards you've got a lot of profit of it. I could easily see the agreed points and most recent quote, whenever I wanted. In addition, I kept in close contact with our party manager (Karyan), the communication was pleasant and quick. As a result, this eliminated a lot of worries and questions while organizing a surprise party for Merida.'

Merida; 'Even though it was my surprise party, I know what's important to us when organizing party. Steven has mainly his freedom to give the party the way we wanted it. In particular, our own caterer, decoration and other partners that we were allowed to bring ourselves.'
Saturday 3 August 2019 was the day were the Boompjes team and Steven has looking forward to. As a partymanager Karyan she can remember very well that there was a relaxed atmosphere prior to the party. The entrance of Merida was so festive and so reassuring for both Boompjes and organization. Of course, with the entrance it's all about Merida’s reaction who got surprised. That moment was especially memorable.
Merida and Steven has danced together with their family and friends all night. Merida wasn't getting off the dance floor, she had enjoyed the evening. According to her, the combination of location, atmosphere, food, drinks and guests have made it unforgettable.
Finally, Merida and Steven wanted to add something. 'If I could describe the location to an unknown person, I would say that the location is positively separate compared to other locations, it is spacious, beautifully furnished and has a practical layout in terms of room. I have experienced the party managers and operators as very professional and helpful. They thought along before, during and after the event a lot with us. You get a score of 9 from us and you will most likely see us back for an other celebration!'