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A staff party at the Boompjes

'Survival activity as team building? No! Can't we just have another fun party at the Boompjes?

Aartie Ramautarsing works at Rijnmond in the marketing and communication department. As the organiser of the party, she tells how she and her colleagues experience their company party on September 12, 2019 at the Boompjes.
Aartie tells that Rijnmond in recent years celebrated their company celebrations mainly in the office. She has been working at Rijnmond for 2.5 years and heard a lot from her colleagues that the party outside the office of years ago is very memorable. So that’s why she wanted to achieve this once again, but now also with the celebration of Rijnmond's new design.
‘Together with my colleague I was instructed to organize the party. In my spare time I have a wedding blog and knew the venue Boompjes from research for it. In the beginning I approached about five locations for a quote, soon Boompjes was the first and the only one who had approached me by phone. This caused me to visit the location quite quickly.'
In the end, the management team and Aartie decided to let the party take place at the Boompjes. Aartie was introduced to the online quote system in which she could in see all the details, most recent appointments and associated costs in one overview. She found the online quotation system user-friendly and had therefore received a good overview of the process. According to her, this level of service also continued in the communication of the preparations of the party.

'I can remember that we had taken other decisions and changes internally in the management team, so therefore I had to ask a lot of questions to Karyan (event manager) about the location. I was afraid I was asking too many questions but she responded and handled very quickly if something needed to be adjusted. Often on the day It self I got a response back. This gave us a lot of confidence in the party as an organizer'.
'The location is really beautiful both from the outside and inside, I think the space looks much bigger than the pictures I'd seen. What makes this venue so special is the fact that there are level differences. The guests who are having a drink at the split level are also involved with the guests on the dance floor.'
Thursday 12 September 2019 was the day of the event. It was a beautiful sunny day; the sun gradually subsided behind the Erasmus Bridge at the outset.
The first guests arrived and were welcomed with a welcome drink. Following with the director’s speech, caterer Meneer de Kok hosted the walking dinner. Aartie indicates that their was enough different kind of food for everyone and also they had more than enough of those delicious meal. In combination with the service of the staff, the guests had been given a nice pre-programme.
Around 9 o'clock the party really started, the guests got entertained by our house DJ WLM. Meanwhile, guests could also enjoy a cocktail of Cocktailtimes at the LED bar. 'I can still remember that my colleagues had danced a lot and always had a cocktail in their hand. A year later, my colleagues still talks about the party at the Boompjes. In fact, they had such a good time that the idea for a survival activity for teambuilding was not accepted by the majority. "They want another party at the Boompjes this year," Aartie says with a laugh.
Finally, Aartie rated the location with an 8.5 for the location, staff, food, drinks and facilities. 'Because both before and during the event the communication and service was quickly by the eventmanager and the staff. All the partners involved with the Boompjes like Cocktailtimes, dj WLM and Meneer de Kok were very friendly and personal. As my colleagues call it, we hope to be able to organize a party at the Boompjes again after the Corona crisis.'