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Dance to the Future with robots!

“In terms of view and location, it really is one of the most beautiful spots in Rotterdam; you just have to open your eyes to that.”

Charlotte (marketing & communication employee) and Sarah (executive secretary) are members of Quion's party committee. Quion is one of the largest independent third party service providers in the Netherlands for mortgages and consumptive credit. Together with four other members of the party committee, Charlotte and Sarah were responsible for organizing the annual staff party in 2019. The annual staff party is important to the company, says Sarah.
“We structurally demand a lot from our employees. We work hard all year round, which is one of the reasons why we have had some wonderful years. The staff party is our way of giving back to employees and showing our appreciation.”
In February 2019, Charlotte and Sarah started looking for a location for their staff party later that year in September. Charlotte has only just started working at Quion, but Sarah has been working for the company for years.
“Of course we already knew about Boompjes event location. We have already organized some events and are well aware of the locations that Rotterdam has to offer. We had previously inquired at Boompjes, but we then opted for a location with free parking and one that is closer to our office in Capelle aan den IJssel.”
With all the input from previous events, Sarah now knows that distance can really be a barrier and that it is important that the location is easily accessible to everyone.“We want to make it as easy as possible for everyone. In 2019 we chose the center of Rotterdam, so that people also had the option to continue elsewhere after the party. We had chosen a futuristic theme, and we were looking for a location that would fit the theme. Then you automatically end up at Boompjes.”

Charlotte was impressed by the location during the site visit. Partly because the location did not have to be drastically decorated to fit within the futuristic theme.
"I had the real ‘wow feeling’! The view over the Maas and the bridges (whereby it was also indicated that it light up in the evening) is really fantastic. In addition, I also noted that you are very customer-oriented. It was immediately indicated that if the guests want to park in the Boompjes car park, which (cheaper) way they can do that. What I also really liked is that we always received a quick response. I asked a question and received an answer latest a day later. It remained that way throughout the entire process.”
It is September 20, 2019; the location is highlighted in purple and the first treats are on the table. Executives of Quion stand at the entrance with blue prosecco to receive their employees. A nice way to roll up your sleeves for your employees, only Charlotte would do it differently next time.
“Upon entering, the management stood at the table with prosecco. Besides that they were handing out a glass, this was also the moment when they had a social chat with the employees. The entry was therefore a bit less smooth. I experienced this as chaotic.”
Fortunately, a longer walk-in was calculated and when everyone was inside, they enjoyed the 'street food walking dinner' concept. As wished, part of the dinner was also served vegetarian. After dessert, the party started with a spectacular robot act, where people still talk about today. They danced, talked and laughed.
“The advantage of Boompjes event location is that everything takes place centrally, which creates a cozy feeling. Even if you are not on the dance floor, you experience everything.”
The party ended at the peak and a part of the employees decided to continue. The popular nightlife street Witte de With, was renamed Quion Street until the early hours. Charlotte and Sarah joined their colleagues.“We were able to leave without having to arrange anything at the Boompjes. I had the feeling, unlike previous events, that we could hand everything over and that is why we were able to enjoy it ourselves.”
.” The party committee looks back on a successful evening. Sarah says that the higher goal behind the event has also been achieved.
“The higher goal behind setting up the staff association and the annual staff parties is to shorten the lines between the different departments. You will get to know people from other departments, who you normally don't run into in our five-storey building. It works better when you have a beer with someone and have a nice conversation to find them again on the work floor.”
Afterwards, the employees mainly talked about the robot act and the amazing location. ““In terms of view and location, it is really one of the most beautiful spots in Rotterdam; you just have to open your eyes to that.”